Le journal municipal

Le Journal de Prévessin-Moëns parait  tous les trimestres. Sa distribution est assurée dans toute la Commune, sauf dans les boîtes aux lettres affichant un « stop-pub ». Des bornes à journaux en libre-service ont été installées sur plusieurs secteurs :

  • près des commerces du centre-ville
  • vers les écoles de la Bretonnière et des Grands-Chênes
  • à Moëns près du Poids Public, à Brétigny
  • au Parc des Anneaux de Magny.

Le Journal est également disponible en Mairie, chez les commerçants et ci-dessous en version électronique.

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 Bonne lecture !

Editorial (english version)

Please find here the english version of the mayor's editorial which was not included in the paper version of Mag 3.


It's been three years that my team and I are committed to your service to implement the city project for which you elected us. Three years it is short but so many things were already realized that I felt necessary to present them to you briefly through a special file which you will find in the center of this paper. In this special file we also present you the works in progress which we lead to improve the everyday life of each.

The municipality remains the privileged place where the elected representatives listen to and serve the inhabitants in a daily closeness, far from the political "affairs" and from the media noise which sometimes reign at the national level, especially in this period of elections. What leads our action  is that we place " the person " at the heart of our projects, whoever its age and its social status, because more than ever we need to maintain between all the desire to live together which makes of a city a place where life is enjoyable. This objective should not be lost as our municipality is going to join the metropolitan Pole which will put together in a few weeks the municipalities of the Pays de Gex and the Pays Bellegardien, but also those of the Haute-Savoie, constituting a set of more than 500 000 inhabitants.

In this context, the vision carried by our municipality as well as by Ornex and Ferney-Voltaire, all three members of the SIVOM, must be more than ever readable and coherent. The stakes in mobility, in housing and in conservation of our natural environment call major investments. It will thus be advisable to define if they must be carried out by the CCPG, the Metropolitan Pole or the Department. For that our three municipalities must be united. I say it with seriousness, we cannot fall into the trap of local quarrels, nor of ego. We have the duty to carry a vision in which every municipality can exist with its specificities while belonging and by contributing to a bigger entity.